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Pharmaceutical Quality Control: Tips, Tools & Tactics - Seminar with Dr. Xaver Schratt
On April 6th and 7th, a seminar will be held by LGC in Potsdam about the topic of “Pharmaceutical Quality Control: Tips, Tools & Tactics.” Dr. Xaver Schratt, member of GBA Laboratory Group’s site of LPU in Martinsried, Germany, will be reporting on practical aspects of validating analytical methods in the pharmaceutical field. The main focus will be placed on commonly occurring errors and how they can be avoided. Furthermore, common misunderstandings will be discussed and explained using practical examples. more

Key issues in this field will be discussed, such as calculating “peak purity” as well as sound acceptance criteria in the context of validating the specificity. Additionally, the interaction between various analytical techniques as evidence of the specificity will be illustrated using a specific case study. Further examples will deal with qualifying the reference-standard materials and establishing response factors.

Further information can be found at: "Pharmaceutical Quality Control: Tips, Tools & Tactics".

Pharmacelsus GmbH, in Saarbrücken, Has Become a Member of the GBA Laboratory Group
In February, we were successful in ac­quiring Pharmacelsus GmbH, located in Saarbrücken, Germany, as new member of the GBA Laboratory Group, further expanding our range of services in the pharmaceutical field. Pharmacelsus is an internationally operating contract research organi­zation that has been offering precli­nical services in the fields of in-vitro ADME/T, in vivo pharmacoki­netics and pharmacology, as well as bioanalysis (GLP and non-GLP) for over 15 years. more

The Pharmacelsus portfolio covers the entire preclinical testing program for the development of new active ingredients based on low-molecular substances, as well as GCLP bioanalysis of clinical samples. Its customer base consists of pharma­ceutical and biotech companies as well as academic institutes.

Besides providing us with an additional lab site in Germany, for the GBA Labora­tory Group, this expansion enables us to make use of further synergies that will enable us to offer our clients the full potential of an even more extensive range of services, all from one source.

If you have any questions about Pharmacelsus or about the GBA Laboratory Group’s expanded range of services in the pharmaceutical field, then please feel free to contact us:

Pharmacelsus GmbH
Science Park 2
66123 Saarbrücken, Deutschland
Tel: +49 (0)681 3946 7510
Or at:

The GBA Laboratory Group Supports German Foundation for Children with Cancer
As we begin the new year, one special project has been near and dear to our hearts at the GBA Laboratory Group. With our Christmas donation of € 10,000, we supported the Waldpiraten or “Forest Pirates” Camp, a project run by the Deutsche Kinderkrebsstiftung, the German foundation for children with cancer. more

During the school vacation, special activities are offered for children and adole­scents with cancer, as well as their siblings. Under the leadership of trained coun­selors, the camp offers everything that helps them recover from this severe disea­se and to find new courage in life. Furthermore, part of the money flows into a social fund that provides financial support for families that have run into financial hardship due to their child’s cancer.

With this donation, we are pleased that we are able to help make a positive impact! 

Disposal of Insulating Materials Containing HBCD – German Government Grants Deferral
In our September 2016 newsletter, we reported on the ban on the production and circulation of products containing over 100 mg/kg of the flame retardant hexabro­mocyclododecane (HBCD). more

Furthermore, as of September 30th, 2016, materials containing over 1,000 mg/kg are no longer allowed to be recycled. Instead, they should be destroyed in muni­cipal waste incineration plants in accordance with Art. 7 (2) of the POP Regulation (EC) No 850/2004.

In certain German federal states, however, the application of the regulation tends to impede rather than promote the desired method of disposal. In some cases, the material cannot be incinerated due to its classification as “hazardous waste” (e.g. in cement plants in Rhineland-Palatinate). Moreover, many waste management com­panies and incineration plants either cannot accept this waste anymore or only at excessive prices, because this waste doesn’t fit within their logistical concept or the functionality of the facility. Due to this, housing companies in particular have prob­lems disposing of the insulating material in accordance with the legal require­ments.

Therefore, on December 16th, 2016, based on a proposal from Saarland, the Ger­man Bundesrat decided on a draft to amend the regulation on the European List of Waste. It is indisputable that HBCD is hazardous to the environment and must be removed from circulation. However, in order to counteract this problem, a one-year exemption should be issued for materials containing HBCD. This is meant to allow for a sustainable solution to be found, for a concept to be generated, and, where necessary, for the waste incineration plants to be upgraded appropriately. Nevertheless, it is not intended to mean that materials contain HBCD should once again be classified as nonhazardous. The exemption merely serves to help meet the legal requirements for disposing of these materials in the future.

For years, the GBA Laboratory Group has been conducting analyses of a wide range of organic and inorganic flame-retardants in diverse matrices. In addition to testing heat insulation and electronic products, we also analyze these substance groups in sediment, water, soil, and biota samples, even at trace levels. Furthermore, we follow the latest developments on the market for you, so that we may continue to support you with competent advice and service.

[2] Plenarprotokoll-952.pdf?__blob=publicationFile&v=2

New Chairman of the DVGW Hanover Office from the GBA Laboratory Group
Over the next four years, the chairman of the board of the DVGW Hanover office will be provided by the GBA Laboratory Group. At the general assembly on Novem­ber 29th, 2016, Dr. Sven Steinhauer from our location in Hameln was promoted to be the successor of the long-term chairman of the four-person board, Hans-Jürgen Pütz. In the next four years, the focus will be on continuously supervising the indivi­dual members as well as conducting interesting events on the topics of water and gas in the region. more

This will be carried out in cooperation with the surrounding local offices as well as the Hamburg office, which is responsible for the DVGW Regional Office North ().

The DVGW – Deutscher Verein des Gas und Wasserfaches e.V. / German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) – promotes technology and science in the fields of gas and water. For more than 150 years, the DVGW has been advoca­ting for safety and quality standards for gas and water, providing a platform for sharing interdisciplinary technical experience.

The DVGW...

• Develops the recognized technical standards for gas and water
• Inspects, certifies, and monitors products, persons, businesses and
   quality management systems (QAS, QMS) in the fields of gas and water
• Initiates and supports innovative and practical research projects
• Provides information and training on a full range of topics in the field of gas and
   water technology.
• Hosts important conventions and conferences

Further information can be found here: .

GBA Will Be an Exhibitor at the “QM! Jahres-Konferenz” 2016
The first Behr’s Akademie “QM! Jahres-Konferenz” (QM Annual Conference) will take place on November 29th and 30th, 2016. It is targeted towards quality managers from the food industry and trade. The two-day program is designed to address current topics in the field of quality assurance: more

• Reliably determining country of origin and identity
• Declarations of conformity
• Harmonizing IFS, BRC, FSSC, ISO
• Food packaging
• Foreign objects
• Managing impurities and allergens
• Transparency, authenticity, food integrity
• Personal liability

The program will be rounded out by a visit to the Frankfurt airport, with a chance to gain insight into the work conducted at the border control point.

The GBA Laboratory Group will also take part in this event as an exhibitor. It is our ongoing duty to compare the services that we offer with the current legal developments. Furthermore, we offer our customers and other companies in this field of business the opportunity to discuss their concerns with us directly.

If you have questions for us, Mr. Adalbert Elmers and Dr. Sven Steinhauer will be available in person during the conference. If you are unable to participate in the QM! Jahres-Konferenz 2016, or if you have special questions, please contact your individual account manager at the GBA Laboratory Group, or:

GBA Gesellschaft für Bioanalytik mbH
Dr. Sven Steinhauer
Tel: +49 (0)5151 / 98 49-0

All Lab Services GmbH, Vienna, Acquires b.a.r.b.a.r.a. Engineering, Consulting, Research & Service GmbH in Leoben, Austria
In October this year, the GBA Laboratory Group’s joint venture project, All Lab Services GmbH, based in Vienna, succeeded in acquiring b.a.r.b.a.r.a. Engineering, Consulting, Research & Service GmbH, located in the city of Leoben, in the Styrian region of Austria, as a further expansion to our service portfolio in the field of environmental analysis. more

b.a.r.b.a.r.a. is an independent service-provider that emerged in 1990 from the research, environmental technology, and raw material technology of the largest Austrian steel company. The company functions as a chemical and microbiological laboratory, as well as a technical office for environmental protection, and is also qualified as an accredited testing and inspection site. In their services for the industry as well as for both municipal and commercial operations, the main focus is on environmental analysis, expert assessments, and studies concerning all topics related to the environment. Services related to environmental hygiene, drinking water analysis and appraisal, as well as consulting services for businesses and environmental facilities complete the profile. b.a.r.b.a.r.a. offers support through quality assurance, training seminars, and inspections. Taking all our competent partners into account, our comprehensive and interdisciplinary range of services is rounded out by the research and development tasks provided by b.a.r.b.a.r.a., particularly in the industrial sector.

For All Lab Services GmbH, this expansion represents not only an increase in laboratory space, but also a broadening of the product range for processing environmental samples. Furthermore, with the GBA Laboratory Group, additional synergies can be utilized in order to provide our customers in Austria with a very extensive range of services in the field of environmental analysis and engineering.

We are happy to welcome our new colleagues in Austria at b.a.r.b.a.r.a. Engineering, Consulting, Research & Service GmbH as a member of All Lab Services GmbH and thus also to the GBA Laboratory Group.

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