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GBA Gesellschaft für Bioanalytik mbH and GBA Pharma GmbH, under the brand GBA Laboratory Group, are among the lea­ding analytical laboratories and service providers across Europe, highly specialized in the fields of food, environmental, consumer goods and pharma­ceutical testing.

Gesellschaft für Bioanalytik mbH

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We invite you to use our online services. You can order sample containers, book our sample pick-up service, place orders for analysis, and send inquiries to our project managers. The entire overview of our spectrum of analyses can be found in our accreditation certificates in the download section.

Our comprehensive analysis services and the personalized consulting provided by our project managers are both specially tailored to your individual demands. We place a high value on dialogue with our customers and on transparency throughout the entire process.

Additionally, your personal contact at the GBA Laboratory Group knows the status of your samples at any given moment. That's how we provide you with a quick overview! Using efficient operational methods, the GBA Laboratory Group shortens the analysis time of your projects.

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At GBA Pharma, we have broad experience in handling small molecules as well as larger molecules, biologics and cell based therapies. We can support your projects from early lead optimization and early preclinical stage to clinical studies with our GMP Depots, EU GMP manu­facturing site for labelling and packaging and QP services, as well as late drug development and analytical services including import testing and QP batch release.


GBA Expands its Capabilities in Environmental Analysis to Include Asbestos and Mold

Hamburg/Mönchengladbach, August 9th – By acquiring the company biomess Ingenieurbüro GmbH (biomess), the GBA Laboratory Group has expanded its range of skills and services in the envi­ronmental field to encompass the ana­lysis of contami­nants in building inte­riors. more

GBA Continues on its Growth Course by Entering the Food Analysis Market in Austria

Hamburg/Graz, July 6th – The GBA Group, one of the leading German analytical laboratories and service providers in the fields of food, environmental, and pharmaceutical analysis, is continuing along its striking growth trajectory and expanding its service portfolio in the food industry in Austria with the majority acquisition of Hygienicum Institut für Mikrobiologie & Hygiene-Consulting GmbH (Hygienicum), located in Graz. more

EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR)

In order to create a level playing field among companies conducting busi­ness in Europe, as well as to ensure that all citizens have the same legal rights to data protection and privacy, the Euro­pean Commission passed the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR for short. This has been in force since May 25th, 2018. more