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Safety Analysis

We offer a comprehensive clinical laboratory testing programme. Whenever possible, the methods and procedures applied are those recommended by international scientific societies, e.g. IFCC, ECAT, or traceable to approved reference material.

Analyses are performed in a timely and accurate manner. Measurements of routine and safety parameters, including reporting of test results, are usually completed on the day of specimen receipt, six days a week.

LKF provides analytical services in the following sub-specialities:

• Clinical Chemistry
• Hematology
• Flow Cytometry
• Coagulation
• Endocrinology
• Immunology
• Serology
• Microbiology
• Molecular Biology
• PBMC Isolation
• Pathological Anatomy/Cytology

Although laboratory methods are frequently modified or changed due to technical developments and/or methodological progress, consistency of methodology is provided for the entire period of a trial.

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