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Analyses of Grains and Cereal Products

Grains – An Essential Staple of Our Diet

Wheat, corn and rice are among the most important kinds of grains, followed by rye, barley, oats and millet, which are highly significant for mankind as a plant-based staple of our diet. They contain highly valuable plant proteins, important carbohydrates and vital fatty acids. The minerals contained within contribute to healthy growth and the various B vitamins support the nervous system. The ample amount of iron in grains can help supply the human metabolism. Grains are one of the most important sources of nutrients for the world population.

Due to the wide variety of uses for grains (e.g. bread, noodles, breakfast cereals), there is a diverse array of legal requirements for these products. Of course, this involves testing for residues and contaminants or conducting microbiological analyses. Furthermore, the demand for testing is also gaining an even greater significance due to changing health conditions, such as increasing rates of gluten intolerance.

The GBA Group offers you competent consulting and a wide variety of product-specific analyses so you can maintain the level of safety required for trading your products.


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