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NL 17-44 Glyphosate Approval Process_INSTITUT PIELDNER Has Become a Member of the GBA Laboratory Group_GBA Now Accredited to the 42nd BlmSchV_Acrylamide in Coffee_Meet the GBA at the DCONex Convention, December 2017

NL 17-43 Tartrazine in Saffron_Derivation of No-Effect Level for PFC´s_Mycotoxins Series: T-2 and HT-2 Toxins_19th Symposium on Strategies for Soil and Groundwater Remediation, October 2017

NL 17-42 Ethoxyquin No Longer Permitted_Environmental Contaminants in Focus: HC_Mycotoxins Series: Deoxynivalenol_Introducing GBA Pharma GmbH, September 2017

NL 17-41 Fipronil_The 42nd German Federal Immission Control Act_Mycotoxins Series: Zearalenone_EOX_German Fruit and Vegetable Conference, August 2017

NL 17-40 Disposal of Waste Containing HBCD - New Draft Bill_Aluminium in Food_Environmental Contaminants Series: PAHs_Mycotoxins Series: Fumonisins, June/July 2017

NL 17-39 Lower Saxony Votes on Bills to Improve Water Quality_Mycotoxins Series: Patulin_Environmental Contaminants Series: PCB_Future Day at the GBA Laboratory Group, May 2017

NL 17-38 Environmental Contaminants Series: BTEX_Acrylamide_Mycotoxins Series: Orchatoxins_New Draft to Amend the Regulation on Mineral Oils, April 2017

NL 17-37 Mercury in Food Products_Nitrate Contamination in Water_Chlorinated Paraffins_Veterinary Pharmaceuticals_Mycotoxins Series: Aflatoxins, March 2017

NL 17-36 Pharmaceutical Residues in the Environment_Monitoring Nickel in Food_PFC/PFAS_Pharmacelsus GmbH has Become a Member of the GBA Laboratory Group, February 2017

NL 17-35 Soil of the Year 2017_Ethoxyquin in Food_Disposal of Insulating Materials Containing HBCD_Allergens _February - Time for Trade Fairs_Support Ger. Fondation for Children with Cancer, January 2017