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GBA Continues on its Growth Course by Entering the Food Analysis Market in Austria
Hamburg/Graz, July 6th – The GBA Group, one of the leading German analytical laboratories and service providers in the fields of food, environmental, and pharmaceutical analysis, is continuing along its striking growth trajectory and expanding its service portfolio in the food industry in Austria with the majority acquisition of Hygienicum Institut für Mikrobiologie & Hygiene-Consulting GmbH (Hygienicum), located in Graz. more

By taking this step, the GBA Group strengthens its market position in Austria, expands its international laboratory network to 18 locations, and lays the foundation for expanding its business activities into southeast Europe.

Hygienicum, founded in Graz in 1994, is one of the leading laboratories and providers of consulting services for the food industry and trade in Austria. With around 80 employees, its domestic and international customers know that Hygienicum stands for high quality services in laboratory analysis, R&D support, as well as consulting in the field of industrial hygiene and marketability.

Mark Piekereit, Co-CEO of the GBA Group Food Division says: “With the merger of Hygienicum and the GBA Group, both companies can expand their service portfolios, expertise, and their access to state-of-the-art laboratory facilities. Moving forward together, this offers us the potential to provide our customers with even more comprehensive support.” Dr. Michael Stelzl, Hygienicum Managing Director and shareholder, adds: “Having the GBA Group by our side opens up exciting opportunities for us now to expand together even further into neighboring markets.” Dr. Stelzl will retain his function as Managing Director and significant partner of Hygienicum. Dr. Alexander Friedrich, partner of Quadriga Capital Eigenkapitalberatung GmbH, explains the dynamic development of the GBA Group: “With Hygienicum joining the GBA Group, this is now the seventh time since 2016 that an innovative and fast-growing company, along its management, has become part of the GBA family. This once again solidifies the appeal of GBA – which is propelled forward every day by the actions of all GBA employees – as a trusted partner with a unique symbiosis of institutionalized processes, strong entrepreneurial management, and a shared drive for success.”

The transaction is still pending the approval of the responsible government authorities.

About the GBA Group
The GBA Group, founded in 1989, unites a network of dynamic companies in the field of laboratory analysis and related services for customers in the food industry, environmental field, and pharmaceutical sector. Each division is known in its market sector for individualized solutions that fulfill the needs of the customers. The company’s strong focus on providing high quality service is carried out by skilled employees in close communication with our customers.

Please address any questions to:
GBA Group
Ms. Sabine Nest

EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR)
In order to create a level playing field among companies conducting busi­ness in Europe, as well as to ensure that all citizens have the same legal rights to data protection and privacy, the Euro­pean Commission passed the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR for short. This has been in force since May 25th, 2018. more

At the GBA Laboratory Group, we are committed to handling your data confiden­tially. With the GDPR in effect, there is an even higher degree of sensitivity when dealing with personal data. Processes that involve personal data are therefore handled with the appropriate level of care and diligence. We utilize your data only for fulfilling the terms of the contract or executing your order as agreed upon. We do not forward your data to third parties for advertising or similar purposes.

We have updated and adapted our Terms & Conditions as well as our Data Privacy Statement in the context of the GDPR.

Further information about data protection at the GBA Laboratory Group can be found at:

GBA Laboratory Group Acquires Laboratorium für Klinische Forschung GmbH (LKF) in Kiel
The GBA Laboratory Group, one of the leading German analytical labo­ra­tories and service providers in the fields of food, environmental, and pharma­ceutical analysis, has expanded its range of services in the pharmaceutical field by acquiring Laboratorium für Klinische Forschung GmbH (LKF GmbH) in Kiel. The final completion of the transaction is still pending the approval of the antitrust agency. more

Since LKF GmbH was founded, it has been involved in more than 1,800 international clinical studies as the central laboratory in phases I-IV. The company has a wide range of activities, including reporting consultation, training seminars, documentation, kit preparation, laboratory analysis, logistics, storage, data transfer, and archiving samples and documents. With over 100 employees and strong global business partners, LKF is an internationally recognized central laboratory that meets the high quality standards and logistical demands of the international pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

After the merger, the GBA Laboratory Group will be able to offer a special combination of services in the field of clinical trial material supply and central laboratory activities that is unique in the European Union. Moreover, the GBA Laboratory Group’s international network, for example in regions such as China, will be expanded even further.

Dr. Elisabeth Lackner, Managing Director of the GBA Pharma Division has stated: “With the unparalleled combination of expertise in the fields of manufacturing clinical supplies and central laboratory services, we now can finally satisfy a customer demand that has been repeatedly expressed. We are looking forward to the cooperation and will further strengthen the location in Kiel.”

Bärbel Wilke, Managing Director of LKF GmbH says: “The expanded range of services that we can offer together, along with a shared market presence, opens up the potential for LKF to develop sustainably while entering new fields of business and markets.”

The GBA Gesellschaft für Bioanalytik mbH and the GBA Pharma Division, together under the name GBA Laboratory Group, are among the leading analytical laboratories and service providers in Europe, with their highly specialized divisions for food, environmental, and pharmaceutical analysis. The GBA Pharma Division possesses extensive experience in dealing with small molecules as well as larger molecules, biological and cell-based therapies, and supports projects in the field of drug discovery, from pre-clinical studies to clinical studies, with our production and logistics of clinical testing goods and central laboratory services, as well as providing analyses in the later phases of pharmaceutical development, including QP batch release.

If you have any questions, please contact:

GBA Laboratory Group
Ms. Sabine Nest

Meet & Greet: Soil and Groundwater – Careers of the Future
In the context of the info session “Soil and Groundwater – Careers of the Fu­ture”, the German Technical Enginee­ring Association for Contaminated Site Ma­nagement and Land Recycling(ITVA), to­gether with the Ruhr Univer­sity of Bochum (RUB) and the FH-DGGV (Hydro­geology Section of the German Geology Association), invite students, recent graduates, and young professi­onals to participate in an event on March 21st, 2018. more

The GBA Laboratory Group will contribute to this event by taking part in the communi­cation platform in order to facilitate contact between the business/industry and the students, graduates, and young professionals, as well as to provide them with in­formation about careers in the field of laboratory analysis – a meet & greet session. You can find us at our small booth at 5 p.m. at the event center of the Ruhr Uni­versity Bochum.

Further information can be found on the event flyer:



With Steffen Walter as the New Co-CEO, the GBA Laboratory Group Initiates the Process of Transferring Leadership
The management, the advisory board, and the partners of the GBA Laboratory Group are pleased to announce today that the management team has been strengthened even further. Starting January 2018, Steffen Walter, as Co-CEO of GBA Holding GmbH, is responsible for the Pharmaceutical and Environmental Divisions and will be coordinating the implementation of the strategy for growth and international expansion in both of these fields, as well as the administration, purchasing, HR, and digitalization. more

With his long-term managerial experience in the field, he not only enhances the existing management team, but as Co-CEO, he also steps in as the successor to Manfred Giesecke, who had previously been serving as the sole CEO.

Having graduated from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) with a degree in Business & Engineering (Dipl.-Wirtschaftsingenieur), Steffen Walter began his career as a managerial assistant at the German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA). He has been involved in the laboratory and TIC field since 2001. His start as the assistant to the board of directors at Institut Fresenius was followed up by positions of leadership within the SGS Group in Germany. In 2007 he assumed the responsibility for the operational and commercial activities concerning the laboratories, inspection, and certification in the following fields: non-food, food, electrics & electronics, and automotive. Before switching to the GBA Laboratory Group, he served as General Manager and a member of the European Management Board for the Eurofins Food Division in Germany and Turkey for several years.

We are looking forward to working together with Steffen Walter and we would like to wish him a warm welcome to the company.

INSTITUT PIELDNER Dienst­leistungsinstitut für Lebens­mittelqualität GmbH, Based in Stuttgart, Will Become a Member of the GBA Laboratory Group
INSTITUT PIELDNER was founded in 1974. Today it is under the second ge­neration of Pieldner family lea­dership, mana­ged by Horst U. Pield­ner. The service portfolio includes foodstuff analysis (chemical and microbiological analyses, in particular aller­gens and legionella, as well as sensory tests), but also consulting services, on-site services, training programs, and seminars. more

The GBA Group has now recorded its third merger since last fall. This fact clearly illustrates the ambitions of the GBA Laboratory Group – a medium-sized company for food analysis, environmental analysis, pharmaceutical analysis, and consumer goods analysis – to expand and become one of the leading companies on the Ger­man laboratory market. INSTITUT PIELDNER, based in Stuttgart, is an institute that provides food quality services and has an excellent reputation among its custo­mers as well as a long history of highly qualified and reliable foodstuff analysis. Therefore we are pleased to welcome INSTITUT PIELDNER to the GBA Group. This goes for all of the employees of the institute, but for Mr. Pieldner in particular, as he will continue to play an important role in the management of the GBA Division for Food Analysis and thus become a core member of the GBA Group. The inde­pendence of INSTITUT PIELDNER will be maintained as it was before; it will only be supplemented by certain group functions in order to strengthen its presence on the market.

Horst U. Pieldner, CEO and executive partner of INSTITUT PIELDNER, emphasizes: 

“With this merger, we will bring our current strengths in analysis and consulting to the group and also profit from the GBA Group’s expertise in other fields that are interesting for us as well. Furthermore, as a service institute that operates nation­wide, this will also result in the optimization of our potential in terms of the quality of service we provide both our new and long-term customers, in connection with faster processing times and reaction times. The entire IPDP team is looking for­ward to this exchange of know-how concerning our combined analytical service portfolio.”

Manfred Giesecke, CEO of the GBA Laboratory Group, adds: “For the GBA Labora­tory Group, this merger is an outstanding case, both in terms of the content and the culture. On behalf of all GBA employees, we welcome our new colleagues in Stuttgart. The high quality of analysis, the equally strong focus on providing the best possible customer service, the shared potential for expanding the range of services in the field of food analysis, as well as the regional expansion to the loca­tion in Stuttgart – in the heart of southern Germany – provided further key factors for this merger.”

The parties have agreed that the details of the merger are not to be disclosed.

Please address any further questions to:

GBA Laboratory Group                        INSTITUT PIELDNER 
Frau Sabine Nest                                     Frau Romy Marienthal

The 42nd German Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchV) Takes Effect
Evaporative cooling systems, cooling towers, and wet scrubber systems can repre­sent a source of aerosols that may contain legionella. The fatal cases of legionella infections that are known throughout Germany, such as those in Ulm (2010), Warstein (2013), and Bre­men (2016), have led to the measures presen­ted in the 42nd Immission Control Act. more

In order to minimize the risk of adverse health effects, this act regulates the operation, production, and installation of such systems. The result is that the operators have the duty to register and mo­nitor their systems.

This regulation provides a legal framework that is precautionary and protective in nature and is legally binding as of August 19th, 2017. This regulation im­plements the state of technology described in the guideline VDI-2047 sheets 2 and 3 as well as in the recommendation from the German environmental protection agency (Umweltbundesamt/UBA) for the sampling and detection of legionella in eva­porative cooling systems, cooling towers, and wet scrubbers.

The operators of such systems are now subject to the following requirements:

• Declare existing systems and new systems to the responsible authorities
• Conduct a risk assessment that gathers the potential threats concerning
   hygiene and safety and determines the appropriate measures deriving
   from them
• Maintain an operational logbook
• Regularly have the systems checked by an authorized appraiser
• Regular microbiological, physical, and chemical testing of the system
   water conducted internally
• Regular testing for legionella and total plate count conducted by a
   laboratory accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025

As an accredited laboratory, the GBA Laboratory Group has been working in­tensively to establish challenging microbiological analyses over the last 18 months. According to the recommendation issued by the UBA, one year after the regulation goes into effect, the laboratories must possess an accreditation especially for this kind of water analysis. The GBA Labora­tory Group already accomplished this in the fall of 2016, so we can fully meet the high demands of these regulations, ranging from uniform sampling, to analysis and evaluation, as well as reporting the results.

Furthermore, there is also the requirement to integrate the sample-takers into the laboratory’s quality management system (QMS). That’s why we have expan­ded our system for external samplers in the drinking water sector, which the GBA Labora­tory Group has been using successfully for many years. In the up­coming months, the capacity will be expanded in order to provide them with the appropriate trai­ning.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with your individual GBA custo­mer service representative, or:

GBA Gesellschaft für Bioanalytik mbH
Dr. Sven Steinhauer
Tel: +49 (0)40 797172-0

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