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In vitro ADME Services

The in vitro ADME team of GBA Pharma combines professionalism of the pharmaceutical industry with the flexibility to adapt standard assays for specific requirements. We support your projects in setting up your studies to meet regulatory requirements.

Evaluate the “druggability” of your compounds by the following set of in vitro ADME assays:

Physico-chemical Parameters
  • Storage stability
  • Chemical stability
  • Lipophilicity
  • Aqueous solubility
Stability in Biological Matrices
  • Blood
  • Plasma
  • Intestinal fluids
  • Further matrices on request
Membrane Permeability
  • Artificial BBB
  • Bidirectional Caco2
  • PgP interaction
Interaction with Drug Transporters
  • ABC-ATP binding
  • SLC transporters* (inhibition/uptake)
  • PgP interaction
Protein Binding Mechanism
  • PPB
  • SPB
  • Blood partitioning
  • Kd (HSA, AGP)
Brain Tissue Binding
  • Rat, mice tissue
  • Ultrafiltration
Metabolic Stability
  • Liver microsomes
  • S9
  • Hepatocytes
  • UGT profiling
Reactive Metabolite Trapping
  • Liver S9
  • Liver microsomes
  • GSH
  • SCZ
  • High resolution mass spec: Orbitrap technology
Metabolite Identification
  • Liver microsomes
  • S9
  • Hepatocytes
  • Metabolic pathway
  • Metabolite abundance
  • High resolution mass spec: Orbitrap technology
CYP Inhibition
  • Liver microsomes
  • Hepatocytes
  • Recombinant human CYPs
  • Mode of inhibition, inhibition kinetics, time-dependant inhibition
CYP Induction
  • 2D & 3D human hepatocytes
  • Hepa RG®
  • Functional activity
  • mRNA*
CYP Phenotyping
  • Recombinant human CYPs
  • Loss of parent compound
  • Clint
  • Half-life

Further assays are available on request. In addition to the standard setup, all assays are also offered in a fit-for-screening format. Screening assay packages will be tailored to your project´s requirement.

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