Know what's inside.

Customer-Specific R&D Work

Research and Development in the pharmaceutical field requires experienced laboratory staff, high-quality devices, as well as the alignment of coordinated methods. At the same time, there should be room for creativity (even in a non-GMP environment if desired) in order to allow your ideas to affordably develop into marketable products and processes.

If ideas and solutions in R&D are important for your company, then please contact us.

Our services
  • The execution of both small-scale and large-scale R&D projects in the pharmaceutical field as well as related fields
  • The implementation of your specific ideas in a goal-oriented environment
  • High-tech analysis with experienced staff
Special projects:
  • Issues regarding pilot projects and viability
  • Trouble-shooting
  • Clarification of impurities
  • Substance isolation (including bioassay-derived methods)
  • Development of special analytical methods
  • Consulting for research and development strategies
  • Thinking "outside the box" in a creative, non-GMP environment
  • Sophisticated R&D in a regulated environment according to GMP
  • Gap analyses for start-ups and spin-off businesses

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