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Aminoglycoside Antibiotics

For the best known aminoglycoside-antibiotic gentamicin sulfate the Ph.Eur. has recently changed the API-monography. The change affects the testing methods of the related substances and the composition. As one of the few contract laboratories in Europe, GBA Pharma has implemented the required method of LC with pulsed amperometric detection (PAD) several years ago. The testing is performed by a well-trained team of experts. The alterations in the drug monograph (Ph.Eur.) lead to much sharper and significantly better separated peaks for the individual gentamicin components. We offer this special analytical procedure for the following testing:

The following substances can be examined by pulsed amperometric detection according to current versions of the Ph. Eur. and / or USP:

  • Neomycinsulfate
  • Framycetinsulfate
  • Tobramycine
  • Amikacine
  • Amikacine sulfate
  • Kanamycine sulfate and Azithromycine

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