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Analyses of Herbs and Spices

Herbs and spices are very important in our kitchens.

Herbs and spices are plants or parts of plants that are used as ingredients in our food to provide flavor and taste due to their naturally high levels of aromatic substances. Historically, Arabic merchants provided the Egyptian Pharaohs with spices from regions such as India. Vasco da Gama heralded the beginning of the spice trade in 1498 with the discovery of the maritime route to India. Nowadays, these flavorful parts of plants (leaves, blossoms, seeds, etc.) do not always come from distant countries. A wide variety of herbs and spices are grown even in our region and make their way into our food products.

Since the way from the field to the point of sale can be very long, contamination and impurities (e.g. from seeds and mycotoxins) cannot always be prevented. Even prohibited additives (food coloring, etc.) do not necessarily have to be added to the spice deliberately. Under certain circumstances cross-contamination can even happen in the area of cultivation, thus leading to impurities.

The GBA Group offers you competent consulting and a wide variety of product-specific analyses, so you can maintain the level of safety required for trading your products.


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