Know what's inside.

Analytical Methods

The GBA Group carries out numerous foodstuff analyses in accordance with the following recognized, standardized methods:

  • Official collection of methods of analysis according to § 64 of the LFGB laws
  • DIN, EN, and ISO norms
  • AOAC Official Methods of Analysis
  • Food Chemical Codex for Additives
  • Bacteriological Analytical Manual (BAM) for microbiological parameters
  • DGF individual methods for fats, oils, and oil-bearing produce
  • ASTA (American Spice Trade Association) official analytical methods manual
  • VDLUFA book of methods in the field of feed analysis

By participating in DIN and § 64 workgroups, GBA is directly involved in the development of standardized methods.

Certain analytical methods for special matrices are also developed by request according to the customer's needs. These methods are then validated according to the applicable norms and the quality of the analytical methods are then verified by participating in ring tests.

Our main operations in the field of food analysis in detail:

Chemical-physical analysis
  • Nutritional value (e.g. the Big 8, vitamins, minerals)
  • Additives (e.g. color additives, sweeteners, preservatives)
  • Residue (e.g. pesticides, veterinary medicinal products)
  • Contaminants (e.g. heavy metals, mycotoxins, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), MOSH/MOAH)
  • Irradiation, radioactivity
  • Product-specific analysis
Microbiological analysis
  • Examination of pathogenic germs (e.g. salmonellae, listeria monocytogenes, legionellae)
  • Hygienic parameters (e.g. Total Viable Count (TVC), enterobacteriacaea, yeasts, mold)
  • Stability studies, storage tests
  • Analysis of drinking water
Food hygiene
  • Hygiene consulting and training
  • Hygiene checks
Food law
  • Testing for general marketability
  • Declaration review
  • Consulting for questions about food law
  • Support in the creation of HACCP concepts, quality management systems, as well as upcoming IFS certifications and audits.