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Food Analysis

Food Analysis

Food Analysis at the hightest Level

Our technical equipment and staff expertise enable comprehensive, high-quality processing of your samples and on-time delivery.

All services are provided in accordance to DIN EN ISO/ICE 17025:2008 (DAkkS Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH). You can find more details about our labs' accreditation and authorization in the field of foodstuff analysis, as well as our certificates of accreditation, in the download section.

In the field of food analysis, the GBA Group guarantees fast and reliable transportation and analysis of your samples. Before your samples arrive, questions and uncertainties will be clarified, so the process can be carried out smoothly from the very beginning. Our long-term experience in analyzing samples from almost all kinds of matrices ensures that the results will be calculated and analyzed competently, and that solution-oriented support will be provided.


Exhibition Dates

12th - 13th November 2019
QM Jahreskonferenz 2019
Mercure Hotel Frankfurt Airport, Frankfurt a. M.

05th December 2019
dti Qualitätsforum


GBA at QM Practice Forum for Residues and Contaminants

At this year’s QM Practice Forum for Residues and Contaminants, hosted by the Behr’s Akademie in Frankfurt am Main on November 27th and 28th, 2019, GBA’s expert in this field, Dr. Steinhauer, will be holding a presentation titled: “Efficient Analysis: Dependable Results, Correct Interpretations, Avoiding Mistakes.” The event is focused on how to deal with residues and contaminants in the food industry reliably as well as processes in quality management and quality assurance. more

GBA Group is sharing a booth with awenko:360 at DOGK

Last week, our experts for fruit and vegetable analysis presented themselves at the German Fruit and Vegetable Conference (DOGK) in Düsseldorf, sharing a booth with awenko:360. The GBA Group provided information on a variety of topics, including the challenges involved in supply chain management, the requirements for residue analysis, as well as the latest developments in this field. By working together with awenko:360, we provide innovative and personalized consulting in the field of supply cha more