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At GBA Pharma we know that the correct GMP storage is of utmost importance for your clinical trial supplies. For this reason, we offer the following services:

  • GMP/GCP-compliant warehouse
  • Ambient storage (15°C – 25°C/59°F – 77°F)
  • Refrigerated storage (2°C – 8°C/36°F – 46°F)
  • Freezer (-20°C / -4°F)
  • Ultra-low freezer (-80°C / -112°F)
  • 24/7 temperature log and manned surveillance
  • Centralized alarm system and emergency power back-up system
  • Return, reconciliation, storage and destruction of IMPs
  • Collection, return and reconciliation of patient samples – including blood, urine and tissue

GBA Pharma is the perfect provider for temperature-controlled GMP storage, as we have at our disposal high-quality storage facilities equipped with a validated temperature control system. In addition to our pharmaceutical sample storage as well as return and destruction we can provide the collection, return and reconciliation of patient samples – including blood, urine and tissue.

Our controlled temperature storage facilities include the ambient temperature range (15°C-25°C/59°F-77°F), refrigerated temperatures (2°C-8°C/36°F – 46°F) as well as ultra-low freezer temperatures (-80°C/-112°F). Our facilities are designed to comply with GMP standards. Storage facilities are secured by a centralized alarm system with high-level entry controls and 24/7 manned surveillance. The climate control system is equipped with validated temperature sensors, a 24/7 temperature log and an emergency power backup system.

GBA Pharma offers controlled drug (narcotics) storage facilities licensed to store schedule II to V controlled drugs, containment level I and II Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and provides specialist storage arrangements such as customs warehousing.

Our clinical global network of GMP depots include North-America, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Israel, Asia-Pacific.

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